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The Amazing HumidiFlyer.


The HumidiFlyer is shipped out from our Toronto warehouse via Canada Post and is charged in Australian dollars.

The Canadian dollar is worth approximately $1.04 Australian.  AUD$63.00 is CAD$60.50


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Don’t just take our word for it!

My name is Monica and I am a performing artist in stage and Music Theatre currently performing in the Australian company of Wicked the Musical. I always had lots of trouble adjusting vocally once I landed in a different state or country no matter how short the flight was. I was constricted and husky, and couldn’t talk properly let alone sing anything.

I started using my HumidiFlyer a while ago now, I constantly fly with my job and always find my self flying somewhere for an audition – I once flew JFK to LAX to Sydney to Melbourne (22hours) then got off a plane and within 3 hours was singing for 2 auditions, one that day and one the day after. I mean I can’t explain how much your mask has taken a huge problem in my career and made it vanish. I now tour my mask with me and am currently wearing it in the crossover during the show here in Manila, Philippines as the air is so polluted and dry, I started noticing the difference with in 2 days of wearing it during the show.

Kind Regards, Monica

Monica Swayne

Performing Artist

I have just placed an order for two more HumidiFlyer masks.  On our journey to Europe in 2005 we used our masks on the outward flight and much to our total amazement didn’t suffer any jetlag.

On our arrival in Frankfurt we were able to hop onto a train, take the trip to Cologne and return to our hotel in time to catch up with other guests who were departing the following day, with us, to Eastern Europe.  On our coach trip we also used the masks as the person sitting behind us had an awful dose of influenza and kept coughing over our shoulders  I am sure our fellow passengers thought we were quite mad, however we didn’t catch the bug whilst others in the coach came down with it before our 12 day trip was over

I can’t say enough about your product  Thank you so much.

Margaret and Brian Walker

Intrepid Travellers

HumidiFlyers In Action – Our customers love taking selfies…