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This information is provided to assist you in the purchase of a HumidiFlyer Mask for your upcoming travel.

Firstly, the HumidiFlyer is not an anti viral mask.  Only N95 masks will protect you from Covid.  The HumidiFlyer has been protecting passengers from airborne virus in aircraft cabins for decades.  The protection comes from keeping the user hydrated.  Viruses love a dry environment.  Covid is another virus, it’s just the worst one we have been exposed to for a very long time.

As International and Domestic flights slowly start to resume, Airlines are demanding the use of masks on their flights.  You are also likely to be required to have a Covid screening test done prior to the flight.  Only double vaccinated people will allowed to board aircraft on International flights.

There is a confusing amount of information regarding the use of masks for air travel and it differs by Country and by Airline.  You should be given advice or instructions by the airline before you travel.  Our advice  is to also carry a standard cloth mask with you on your flight.  You may be required to put it on top of the HumidiFlyer.  This will satisfy the CDC regulations and the HumidiFlyer works just as well with the cloth mask over it.


As you have to wear a mask, wear one that is keeping you healthy and hydrated at the same time.  The HumidiFlyer!





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