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The HumidiFlyer mask was invented with one sole purpose: to provide passengers on modern aircrafts with humidified air. This is achieved by capturing the expired moisture from your breath on a special filter and then returning that humidity back to the wearer.  See the video of How it Works on the website. Video

Can aeroplanes cause dehydration?

Air travel can cause dehydration due to low humidity. Dehydration on aircraft is a major cause of concern as it can cause dizziness, disorientation, and fatigue, and it will also allow in-flight viruses to attack your system.

As stated by NASA, the reason the air in the cabin is dry at cruising altitude is due to the relative humidity in the air being only 1%. This means that the air entering the cabin is extremely dry, and the only sources of moisture are the passengers and crew. The air is then pressurised to between 6,000 and 8,000 feet, heated and sent out into the cabin. This air, when inhaled, dehydrates the body. When the captain reports that there is 20% relative humidity in the aircraft cabin, this is due to the passengers and crew providing humidity from the moisture they exhale. (

How to stay hydrated on a plane

There are many ways to try and combat dehydration. Drink plenty of water, moisturise, and use saline drops in the eyes. Tip: don’t get on long-haul flights and plan to watch 4 – 5 movies. Try to keep your eyes closed.

The HumidiFlyer mask is the best way to overcome dehydration on an aircraft.  One of its main benefits is that you can get hydrated while you sleep.  All the other solutions require you to be awake. Many passengers have reported that previously they’ve never been able to sleep on long flights. But after using the HumidiFlyer mask, they can sleep, are refreshed, and do not suffer nearly as much jet lag as they have in the past. (

The HumidiFlyer Mask

The HumidiFlyer has been protecting passengers from inflight infections for decades.  Many sports teams use them for their international travels. Any person who travels to perform on arrival should be using the HumidiFlyer.  If you are going on a well-earned holiday, don’t let the flight ruin your time away! We constantly get reports of HumidiFlyer users who were the only ones not suffering from illness or jet lag, while the rest of the group was miserable for the whole trip.

If you are looking for the best mask aptly suited for air travel, opt for the HumidiFlyer mask- the ultimate choice for comfort and protection during flight.


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