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Frequently Asked Questions

Additional product information is covered in the following questions asked by new users of the HumidiFlyer. If your question is not answered here, please Email HumidiFlyer or phone us on +61 3 8307 5222 and we will be delighted to assist.

Where can I buy the HumidiFlyer?

The HumidiFlyer is available to Order online here at this website and at selected retailers in Sydney, Australia. Your online credit card payment is protected by ‘GeoTrust’, using either VISA or MasterCard. Australian residents may also nominate (via the order form) payment by cheque or money order; these payment methods require clearance before order fulfilment. An early response to all orders is assured. Enquiries Welcome from Retailers.

Is the HumidiFlyer comfortable to wear for long periods?

The HumidiFlyer is surprisingly very comfortable. It is very lightweight, the design is contoured for comfort and the elastic strap is adjustable to suit. Ok, you may think it looks a little ‘different’ at first, but we’re all familiar with the sight of the simple dust mask now being worn in some congested cities, for the purpose of reducing contact with airborne germs. Initially wearing the HumidiFlyer might draw a little attention but invariably, feedback praising its performance includes comments that it leads to happy and instructive shared conversations.

How long do I need to wear it to obtain relief?

The more the HumidiFlyer is used on your flight, the more benefit you will receive. For example, on an 8 hour flight, little relief will be achieved if used only 1 hour, while 4 hours use will deliver substantial relief. Many experienced HumidiFlyer users prefer to use it for almost all of their flight because of the comfort it provides compared to not wearing it.

Can I share the HumidiFlyer?

It is not recommended. It is a personal breathing mask. The risk of spreading a cold or virus is to be avoided.

How does the filter work and can I replace it?

The HumidiFlyer contains a bacteriostatic (anti bacteria) filter which retains your natural humidity and air temperature levels and uses them to condition the dry cabin air that you draw in. It also filters dust and foreign particles from the air you breathe in. You never replace the filter. The HumidiFlyer has an estimated life of 100 hours and can be re-used over many flights before replacing the HumidiFlyer.

How do I keep the HumidiFlyer clean?

Each HumidiFlyer comes with advice for cleaning to maximise the life of the item. The mask should be cleaned after each flight, ensuring the filter does not get wet. This is done by holding the unit upside down and cleaning with warm soapy water and rinsing and allowing to dry thoroughly or by wiping clean with an antiseptic cloth and drying thoroughly.

Tips for Further Enhancing the Benefits of the HumidiFlyer.

Here are a few tips that will make using the HumidiFlyer an even easier and more enjoyable experience:

1. Keep the resealable plastic bag that your HumidiFlyer arrives in and after the flight and cleaning, keep it free of germs in the bag until next you need it.

2. If you are buying several items for a sports group for another for a fellow traveller, names can be written on the space provided on the back of the filter area, to avoid any confusion as to which is yours.

3. Extra benefit can be achieved by placing a few drops of aroma therapy oils on the filter. Eucalyptus oil is especially beneficial for the sinuses.

4. Many travellers are also using it in dry air conditioned hotel rooms when sleeping – you may like to also!

5. Drink plenty of water during the flight to aid your hydration and keep alcohol to a minimum as it has the opposite effect.

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