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HumidiFlyer History

Hello, my Name is Paul Aberhart and I am the inventor of the HumidiFlyer travel mask.  I was an international flight attendant with Air New Zealand for 11 years.  Early in my employment with the airline I had to have a sinus operation to be able to continue flying.  This was due to the dry cabin air.  The crew would try to get some humidity into our systems by various means.  Drinking water was an obvious solution but when you are flat out working the cabins it is often overlooked.  At that time we had “hot jugs” in the galley that would allow you to inhale some steam.

We would also go to crew rest and place a wet towel over our faces to try to inhale some moisture.  This situation prompted me to think that there should be a better solution.   The concept of the HumidiFlyer was born.  When I developed the HumidiFlyer I thought it would make an ideal gift for Business and First Class passengers.   I was soon taught a very important marketing lesson in features and benefits.

The main benefit of the HumidiFlyer exposed the very worst feature of the airlines product.  The airlines themselves have made the need for the HumidiFlyer even more crucial as they continue to ignore the health and wellbeing of their passengers.  Flying is now unhealthier than when smoking was allowed onboard.  Due to the fact that there is no visual indication of stale air in the cabin (no smoke build up) they now save around 8% on fuel costs by not running the air change system as often as before.   This means that we are all breathing much staler air that has been through all of us a lot longer. Nice!

The HumidiFlyer is now a travel necessity of many sporting teams, seasoned travellers and especially opera singers and performers in the arts.

Paul Aberhart

Paul Aberhart

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