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How it Works

The fatigue you feel on arriving at your destination after a long flight, often known as ‘jet lag’ is caused by breathing dry air over and over again for a long duration.

This and the other symptoms you experience – dry nose, sore throat, possibly an infection to throat or chest – are direct outcomes of your body receiving insufficient moisture to meet its needs. The HumidiFlyer travel mask is your first defence!  Drinking plenty of water is also important, but won’t directly alleviate the impact of dry air on your respiratory system.

The HumidiFlyer is a comfortable, especially filtered mask designed for air travel, which traps the expired moisture from your breath.  When you breathe in, that moisture is used to humidify the dry cabin air.  Simple recycling!

This enables the air you breathe to remain moist, preventing the dehydration that contributes to jet lag and infection.  Using the HumidiFlyer travel mask, you’ll arrive in the best possible condition.

Visit our FAQ’s, and the Instructions for more information on how HumidiFlyer delivers outstanding results, naturally.

How the Humidiflyer works

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