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The fatigue you feel on arriving at your destination after a long flight, often known as ‘jet lag’ is caused by breathing dry air over and over again for a long duration.

This and the other symptoms you experience – dry nose, sore throat, possibly an infection to throat or chest – are direct outcomes of your body receiving insufficient moisture to meet its needs. The HumidiFlyer travel mask is your first defence!  Drinking plenty of water is also important, but won’t directly alleviate the impact of dry air on your respiratory system.

The HumidiFlyer is a comfortable filtered humidifier mask designed for air travel, which traps the expired moisture from your breath.  When you breathe in, that moisture is then used to humidify the dry cabin air.

Simple recycling!

This enables the air you breathe to remain moist, preventing the dehydration that contributes to jet lag and infection.  Using the HumidiFlyer travel mask, you’ll arrive in the best possible condition.

Product information

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional product information is covered in the following questions asked by new users of the HumidiFlyer. If your question is not answered here, please Email HumidiFlyer [email protected] or phone us on +61 3 8307 5222 and we will be delighted to assist.

  • Where can I buy the HumidiFlyer?

    The HumidiFlyer is available to Order online here at this website. Your online credit card payment is protected by Westpac PayWay Merchant Facility, using either VISA or MasterCard or AMEX. A confirmation email is sent after your order is successfully placed. Enquiries welcome from Retailers.

  • How long does it take for delivery?

    Delivery options depend on the country in which you wish to receive the HumidiFlyer.

    In the USA you have 3 options on checkout for delivery.

    USPS 4 – 6 business days

    FedEx 2 day & FedEx overnight.

    In the UK there are 2 options: Royal Mail 1-3 business days and DHL overnight.

    For Australia Standard Post 3 – 5 business days and Overnight Post next day in the Australia Post guaranteed network.

    Europe there is FedEx 1-2 business days

    New Zealand usually 2 – 3 business days. Major cities can be overnight – Shipping is included in the unit price.

    For Israel units are sent DHL from the UK and can take 5 days for delivery. Shipping is included in the unit price.

    Asia Pacific units are sent Australia Post Tracked and Signature required from Australia. Delivery 4 – 7 business days. Shipping is included in the unit price.

    For South Africa delivery takes 2 – 3 days from a warehouse in Johannesburg

  • Is the HumidiFlyer comfortable to wear for long periods?

    The HumidiFlyer is surprisingly very comfortable. It is very lightweight, the design is contoured for comfort and the elastic strap is adjustable to suit. Do not overtighten the headband.

  • How long do I need to wear it to obtain relief?

    The more the HumidiFlyer is used on your flight, the more benefit you will receive. For example, on an 8 hour flight, little relief will be achieved if used only 1 hour, while 4 hours use will deliver substantial relief. Many experienced HumidiFlyer users prefer to use it for almost all of their flight because of the comfort it provides compared to not wearing it.

  • Can I share the HumidiFlyer?

    It is not recommended. It is a personal breathing mask. The risk of spreading a cold or virus is to be avoided.

  • How does the filter work?

    The HumidiFlyer contains a foam filter which retains your natural humidity and air temperature levels and uses them to condition the dry cabin air that you breathe in.

    The filter is an open weave medium which allows your breath to pass through it and it traps the moisture from your breath on the way out.  When breathing in, the moisture from the filter is picked up again and returned to you as humidified air.  As it is an open weave medium there is no residual carbon dioxide left in the mask.

  • How do I keep the HumidiFlyer clean?

    Each HumidiFlyer comes with advice for cleaning.  The mask can be cleaned after each flight once you reach your destination.  The entire mask, including the green foam filter can be washed using warm soapy water.  Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and allow to completely dry out.  NOTE The foam filter will expand when washed.  It will shrink back to size when dry.

  • Tips for Further Enhancing the Benefits of the HumidiFlyer.

    Here are a few tips that will make using the HumidiFlyer an even easier and more enjoyable experience:

    Drink plenty of water during the flight to aid your hydration and keep alcohol and tea and coffee to a minimum as it has the opposite effect.

    Get as much sleep as possible and avoid watching too much entertainment.  That just dehydrates your eyes.

    Keep using the mask when you get off the plane as arrival terminals are a sea of viruses.

You deserve a better solution

Looking after your respiratory system in a crowded plane cabin is important.  Don’t share everyone else’s air, recycle your own with the HumidiFlyer and feel fantastic on arrival to your destination.

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